Should I Go To College?

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The million dollar question you keep asking yourself, the closer you reach graduation.

But first let me break the myth that in order to become successful or have a bright future in life is to go to college.Right?

I keep hearing if you don’t go to college, you will not get a good secure job with benefits. Does that sound familiar to you?

I know that is what I always hear  my teachers, commercials and movies always claim to be true. Family members are the worst preachers of this mantra.

One family member that first comes to mind is my Uncle Randy (on my Dads side), whenever he would visit the house, he would always ask my brother,my sister (not me anymore), if we started college yet.

He kept emphasizing the fact that college is the only ticket to being successful or living the good life.

In head, I am thinking but Uncle Randy you went to college so how come you don’t have anything to show for. My Uncle Randy got his bachelors degree but he works at Temecula Limo as a freaking limo driver.

Don’t get me wrong, its better than working at McDonald’s and at least he gets to drive some pretty sweet looking rides, but he doesn’t own any them and his job owns him.

I would also come across popular charts and graphs showing that more education equals more money like this one article written by Forbes.

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Who The Heck Is This Jays Character?

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Hello there and I am glad you asked.

My name is Jays and I’m just a college kid from California (a place that knows how to party :).

People call me Jays because I always sport the latest J’s, for those who don’t know what that means, it stand for the basketball sneaker brand “Jordans.”


C.T.M.S.R  means






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Welcome World To My Blog



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Hello and welcome world to my blog. I will be posting new and fresh content here on a daily basis. Moving past this introduction, if you want to find out more on what this blog and what I am all about then, You are more than welcome to come and stay up to date with me at Ctmsr. You can also find out more by checking out my About page.

In this new blog of mine, basically I will be removing the wool over your eyes by revealing some truths about the educational system, being that I am a college student myself. Some of you may disagree or agree, but everything that I say in this blog or reveal to you is not just my opinion, but it is backed up back facts and figures. By the way, these are not just fact and figures being represented by a few individual but by many well known individuals and I have discovered many solid proof examples along the way.

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